Boiled Peanuts in Hawaii

Why Boiled Peanuts in Hawaii Are So Popular Most long time Hawaii residents won’t think twice about it. But whenever tailgating or barbequeing, there’s hardly a time where you won’t find this pupus (i.e., appetizer). And this pupu is the boiled peanut. For most visitors, they won’t know what boiled peanuts really taste like. But when they do, it is almost a certainty that they will definitely like them. It’s safe to say that boiled peanuts and their succulent flavor […]

Big Island Beaches

Big Island Beaches – Quality Not Quantity When people think of  Hawaii, they imagine beautiful white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. But it’s ironic that the island with the same name as the state does not have an abundance of beaches. This is because the Big Island is the youngest of all the Hawaiian Islands. And it’s still growing due to constant volcanic activity. As a result, the remains of volcanic lava flows still make up much of the […]

Exotic Fruits of Hawaii

When you think of the Aloha State, many think about the exotic fruits of Hawaii and the foods you can eat. Almost everyone knows you can enjoy coconuts, pineapples, guavas, mangoes and papayas in the Aloha State. Examples of the Exotic Fruits of Hawaii But there are actually even more exotic fruits of Hawaii than those. For example, many aren’t aware of an oval fruit with five distinctive ridges resembling a star. Quite naturally, people call it a starfruit. Others […]

Homestyle Cooking in Hawaii

Hawaii has more than its share of places where you can get great homestyle cooking. Of course, each island has its own version of mom and pop restaurants. Here, many generations of local families have savored their favorite style of home style cooking. Food and travel inevitably always go hand-in-hand. So there is no better way to learn about different cultures than by partaking of their foods. This would be  especially of the type of dishes that they grew up […]

Celebrating New Year in Hawaii

Why Celebrating New Year in Hawaii is Unique Hawaii celebrates the New Year in a way uniquely different from the rest of the country. More so than the rest of the US, Hawaii’s population is much more culturally diverse. It’s heavily impacted by Asia-Pacific influences. This is not surprising considering its geographic location in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. In particular, Chinese and Japanese traditions have shaped how Hawaii residents celebrate the arrival of the New Year. Here are […]

Staying at Hawaii Resorts

When planning  vacations, some may consider the advantages of staying at Hawaii resorts versus staying at hotels. But what are the fundamental differences between staying at resorts as compared to staying at hotels? Are there difference and advantages? This tries to explain them as well as how they can benefit you, the potential traveler to Hawaii. Differences between Resorts and Hotels Generally speaking, a resort offers more things to do within the confines of its property as opposed to a […]

Manapua, Hawaii’s Dim Sum

Manapua, Hawaii’s Dim Sum What’s manapua? Well it’s Hawaii’s dim sum. Manapua tastes somewhat like Chinese dim sum. But it has a somewhat different taste. To some it’s a meatier and fuller version of Chinese dim sum. People in Hawaii also serve it in a manner quite different from traditional Chinese dim sum. Typically, manapua is a steamed pork-filled bun. If we were in China, some would generally refer to it as char sui bao. But manapua could also include […]

Koa, Wood of Hawaiian Monarchs

The Uniqueness of Hawaiian Koa Wood Acacia koa is one of the most prized woods in the world. But people in Hawaii more simply know it as koa. It naturally grows nowhere else in the word except in Hawaii. The ancient Hawaiians used this fine medium density hardwood to build canoes, paddles, spears and surfboards. Koa wood quality is somewhat similar to black walnut.  At one time, the wood was so sought after, it was known as the wood of […]

Hawaii Time Zone Difference

Hawaii Time Zone Difference Many often inquire about the Hawaii time zone difference compared to where they are right now. Let’s say you’re living on the US mainland.  During Daylight Savings Time, there is a 3 to 6 hour time difference between Hawaii and the US mainland. This is the period from the second Sunday in March to first Sunday in November of each year. Compared to the US mainland, Hawaii Standard Time (HST) is: 3 hours behind Pacific Daylight […]

Multi Inter Island Travel in Hawaii

Many say that no trip to Hawaii is complete unless you’ve seen more than one island. Such a trip could include visits to Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Lanai and the Big Island of Hawaii. Each island offers its own unique attractions whether they are mountains, coastlines, restaurants, foods, lifestyles, culture and more. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to plan your upcoming multi inter island travel in Hawaii. Multi Inter Island Travel in Hawaii by Air The easiest way […]

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